As the owner of an independent specialty or emergency hospital,

you are concerned about the expansion of large group or corporate ownership and its effect on the future of your hospital, the well-being of your staff, and the quality of the medical care you provide. You want your clinicians to make their own medical decisions and work alongside colleagues who’ve got each others back. Good news… VSPA, the Veterinary Specialty Practice Alliance, is looking for hospital members just like you. As a nonprofit alliance of independently owned specialty and emergency practices, the VSPA promotes prosperity and ensures the sustainability of independent veterinary practice ownership. 

We accomplish this by…

Sharing best practices for overall high organizational health & sustainability 

Staying in touch through a dedicated channel & private Facebook group for the whole team

Connecting with all members at our meetings hosted two times per year

Providing members access to years worth of benchmark industry data

Offering a space to for members to stay in the loop in our weekly drop-in Zoom chats 

Implementing a shared clinician recruiting opportunity for members

NOURISH Private Ownership &
FLOURISH with Independent Referral Practices 

Member Benefits


to the sustainability of privately owned specialty and emergency practices.

Financial benchmarks

confidentially acquired from specialty and emergency practices over two decades.

Recruiting opportunities

by representation and promotion at ACVIM and VECCS conferences.

Networked accessibility

to experienced peers via Slack and our conferences to inquire about current issues and share innovative solutions relevant to today.


to our members’ geographical interests such that acquiring any direct competitors is avoided.

Affordable fees

with a tiered membership scale of dues to allow new and growing practices to benefit, even before they may be profitable.

Semiannual conferences

referral hospital specific CE for leadership, technology, and industry advancement of particular interest for specialty practice and its leaders.

Meaningful topics

for multiple interests in your leadership team, including finance, HR, marketing, scheduling, compensation, benefits, and retention.

Sponsored presentations

relevant to the specific interests of specialty and emergency practices.

Member Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our members say:

VSPA has provided a safe place to have difficult conversations about the challenges of practice ownership. I never feel alone and I am so grateful for the relationships that I have developed in the veterinary management field. I love these people!!ment and growth.

Tara Britt, VMD, DACVS 

Four Seasons Veterinary Specialists

Loveland, CO

I am a member of the VSPA to discuss problems and craft solutions to real time hurdles that private veterinary practices face. I most enjoy networking with colleagues, vendors, and getting to discuss both personal and professional challenges.

Jo Parr, VMD

Mason Dixon Animal Emergency Hospital

Shrewsbury, PA

The members of VSPA are welcoming – we immediately felt the trust born out of authenticity and collaboration. In addition, VSPA members are not competitors, facilitating the open sharing of ideas, information, and guidance. We enjoy true transparency among friends and colleagues.

Danielle Russ, LVT, BS, BA, AS
Hospital Administrator

Center of Veterinary Expertise

Suffolk, VA

NOURISH Private Ownership &
FLOURISH with Independent Referral Practices