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Our Vision
To ensure the sustainability and optimize prosperity of independently owned veterinary specialty hospitals.
Our Mission
To nourish leadership and optimize organizations health within independently owned emergency specialty veterinary hospitals, utilizing the development of relationships, benchmarks, and shared innovations.
Our Values
About VSPA

We’re Different

VSPA isn't just an alliance; we're revolutionizing specialty veterinary care. With our collaborative approach, we elevate standards, improve patient care, and lead the field. Join us in shaping a brighter future for veterinary specialty services

Our History

Established in 1999, VSPA is an exclusive alliance of veterinary referral hospitals brought together to collaborate and share innovations and issues unique to independently owned emergency and specialty practices. VSPA welcomes owners, senior specialists and administrators in finance, HR and marketing to participate in our conferences and discussion forums. Extending across North America and internationally, VSPA hospitals range from established specialty referral to new and growing emergency or specialty practices. If you are aspiring to finesse business beyond medical expertise, consider VSPA and the multitude of benefits available with membership.

The independent practices in our alliance share a common philosophy…

That a successful practice creates a positive team atmosphere through shared passions, mentorship opportunities, exceptional patient care, and competitive salary and benefits, all while being proactive about the emotional well-being of the team. We’re also committed to staying privately owned. Our alliance of independently owned hospitals throughout North America support and learn from each other.

Member Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our members say:
Katherine Walkup
Crown Veterinary Specialists

VSPA is about Connections!

To be able to talk to other people and practices that are going through the same dilemmas, trials, and tribulations – as well as the rewards of private specialty practice.
Tara Britt, VMD, DACVS
Four Seasons Veterinary Specialists
I love these people!
VSPA has provided a safe place to have difficult conversations about the challenges of practice ownership. I never feel alone and am so grateful for the relationships that I have developed in the veterinary management field. I love these people!
Jo Parr, VMD
Mason Dixon Animal Emergency Hospital
Craft solutions to real-time hurdles
I am a member of VSPA to discuss problems and craft solutions to real-time hurdles that private veterinary practices face. I most enjoy networking with colleagues, vendors, and getting to discuss both personal and professional challenges.
Shawn Wilson
Mountain View Animal Emergency in Hagerstown, MD
VSPA members are quick to reach out to assist in any way possible.
My name is Shawn Wilson, and I own Mountain View Animal Emergency in Hagerstown, MD. We have been an ER-only facility for over fifteen years and have recently begun the journey to grow into a referral center. The pressures of corporate medicine, the changing face of veterinary medicine, and the dwindling workforce have made this evolution quite difficult. Our practice recently joined VSPA and immediately, it has become an invaluable resource to our management team. We are now part of a community that truly leans on one another to support, educate, encourage, and collaborate. VSPA members are quick to reach out to assist in any way possible. No one holds back when discussing difficult topics or giving much-needed feedback. You are not getting part of the information or platitudes. They are working with you to help improve your practice in every way possible. I only hope that I can be the same resource for others as my entire hospital and I continue to grow with our VSPA family.

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